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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Next four weeks or so

I am going to try my hardest to keep my blog updated but you'll have to be patient with me. We are starting major rehearsals... If you missed that post find the post entitled "Savior of the World".

Thank You!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Writing Tuesdays!

One tip that I found that outweighed a lot of the advice I had researched!

Why is this important? Or why is your topic important? Or Why will your book be important? etc etc etc....

Answering the "why" question will keep your writing from becoming too vague. It will also propel the reader forward. Don’t just state a fact – tell why that fact is important in the context of your piece.

In my book, The Mann I've Become, I had to be especially careful to not skip the "why?" question. I gave facts in my Mann-uscript but I would then relay them into my own experiences, thus sharing why those facts were important.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Mann Mondays!

Five more of my little things!

Nail Polish Mania!
I love nail polish! Sometimes I like to put nail polish on my fingernails but mostly I put it on my toenails! Even though it is still a little too chilly outside for sandals, since I'm a dance teacher/choreographer, I do get to spend a lot of time (indoors) barefoot! To keep things interesting I like to color-coordinate my toenail polish with whatever outfit I'm going to wear.

Also! Since I am the best aunt in the world, I always keep a diverse collection of nail polish nearby. 75% of the nail polish I own I would never wear myself (because of the colors) it's all for my nieces benefit :) LOVE THEM!!

These are a few of the nail polish brands that I love!

1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish - If you're looking for a nail polish that dries fast and lasts, this is the nail polish brand I recommend.

2. Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer - If you have some time and want a nail polish that you won't have to do layers on layers, this is the brand I would recommend and is my favorite.

3. Opi Nail Lacquer - My nieces seem to like this brand because of the different colors they provide, I like the salon quality.

4. Sinful Colors Professional - Again, my nieces like the colors they provide.

5. Claire's Mood Nail Polish - This isn't like hypercolor (where if you breathe on it then it will change colors) this nail polish reacts to your body temperature. So it's a lot of fun to wear when I get hot flashes!

Have a great Monday!

- Moments after I placed Frog Mann in his mother’s loving arms, I started to say my goodbyes to his family and to the wonderful staff that took care of me and Frog Mann for almost three days in the hospital.  As the nurses were lining up to give me hugs, one bent down and whispered in my ear “You did a good thing today… Take some time to heal, and be good to yourself.”  There are many ways that her advice could have been interpreted, but I have always thought that on some level she was telling me to focus on myself and to enjoy the little things in life again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday's Quote

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”
―Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm 28 and it's my 3rd time through Menopause

My Saturdays!

I realize that title is a little wonky (my made-up word, don't steal it) but I can assure you, it's true.

A couple years ago I went through the uncomfortable procedure to determine if I had endometriosis. I do and I also have fibroids. None of which is life-threatening but can and does cause me great pain.


They decided that the best course of treatment is Lupron Depot. Now for the comfort of my reader's, mainly the men, I'm going to explain this like my "system" is a computer. The Lupron depot is like a soft shutdown and reboot, but let's say we're talking about a Dell, so the shutdown is easy and fast but the reboot takes FOREVER! :)

For most women, Lupron depot has a tendency to make them gain a lot of weight! Like with most instances (having to do with my health) I'm the opposite. I lost a whole bunch of weight fast, unsafely, and unhealthily. It's just one of those medicines where the side effects are worse than the illness. A month or so into not eating and barely keeping hydrated, I lose all of my energy, I start having hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc. It's a lot of fun! Not! I still find a lot of humor in all of it. Like getting a hot flash and running outside (where it's below freezing) to cool off, or being very cold and wishing for a hot flash to come.

Since, I've had 3 short experiences with chemically-induced menopause, I've also been able to come up with some tips and tricks to help those either on this medicine or naturally going through the cycle. Aww Life!

Meat tends to trigger more hot flashes, especially red meat (which I love!). Soy products help. Everyday I have a glass of light chocolate soy milk, and especially when I'm in the beginning phase and barely eating anything, everything I ate was either soy or veggies. Finding soy products you like isn't hard, you just have to be willing to try them. It'll make a difference, I promise! My last tip is to sleep with the window open. Only when the temps reached way below zero did I close my window. When you're going through night sweats, you'll find that you won't mind being cold as long as it keeps the night sweats to a minimum.

I know I didn't mention hormone pills. Most women are able to take hormone pills to counteract some of the side effects of menopause and this medication. Since I had pulmonary embolisms in 2005, I am unable to take anything hormone related. It would be like medicinal suicide. We don't want that! No No No!

But! My computer is still shutdown and it won't be for another couple of months till it reboots! So glad my system is a Dell and not a Mac! Ciao!

Friday, March 18, 2011

SMORR - Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch smorr.net

Feature Fridays!

If you love experiencing new things and you like a major rush of adrenaline, then you have to check out extreme off roading! I've only been at the Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch in Seymour, Missouri, where "Contained within the 930+ acres of terrain there are miles of fantastic trails ranging from level 1 easy to level 5 hardcore. There's something for everyone!"

If you don't believe me, then let me show you just what these suped-up jeeps can do!

If you'll notice, there are three tires on the ground still and only one tire way up in the air! Driving is a friend and co-owner of the ranch, Brandon Powell, and he's widely known for his skills on the trails.

If you still don't believe me watch this video on SMORR's facebook page click here the end is freaky!

My time spent on the ranch wasn't just riding or driving on their various trails but I was also able to enjoy some horseback riding! It's probably one of the best times I've had (not with actual family) in a really long time. The ranch is amazing, but the people you find and meet there make the experience special! They're really great, nice, welcoming, warm, kind-hearted, and family-oriented people! I miss the SMORR family and cannot wait to get back out there soon!

Here's a link to their facebook page and website Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthmother Panel on Dating After Placement

Dating can be awkward...

Throw a birthmother into the mix and the awkward-o-meter breaks.

Or that has been my experience.

I've struggled, somewhat, with dating after the placement of Frog Mann, almost 4 years ago, and I was wondering how other birthmother's were handling it.

Questions like: When to tell a guy you're a birthmother? If you should at all? How much do you tell? And what sort of reactions to expect? Can be tough questions to answer...

Here's a few birthmother's opinions on the matter from all walks of life. Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the world!

Marie - "I'm married now but when I was dating after placement it is so hard to bring up adoption. You don't know how the guy will react. I dated a lot and it really depended on where i was and how I felt with grief if I opened up. Some guys I told fast others I waited till we dated for awhile. It was hard to keep it quiet too long because I had pictures hung in my house and a bookshelf that was sort of full of baby memories. I don't remember how I told a lot of them. I showed some pictures, my scrapbook. Some were very understanding others were not. I would not get serious with someone if they didn't understand. I need the support of someone I love/care about. I wish I would have told my husband better. We worked together and a few people at work knew about my son so one day we were talking on the phone i just basically blurted out that I had a son I placed then later filled him in more. I hope this helps. My advice is to only be open about if it you feel comfortable. You don't need to tell everyone you date. I personally think it's better to be in a relationship before telling them because it's such a special experience to me and I don't just want anyone to know and judge me without knowing me or the whole story. I hope that makes sense."

Amy - "I went on a blind date 4 months after I gave my birthdaughter up for adoption. I laid everything out on the table the first night I met him. I didn't want to hide anything from him. I wanted him to know about my life the first time we met because it is only fair for the both of us. He was very caring about the subject and he told me that he looked up to me for making such a hard decision. He has a little girl that lives full time with him. Well to make a long story short, we have been together now 4 years and we just got married this past July. My advice is to be very open at the beginning if you think that the relationship is going to go anywhere. Don't hide anything from him, because you don't want to lose someone who really cares about you!! If he doesn't accept it, he doesn't really care about you in the first place!!"

Shawna - "I was from a small area and everyone already knew that I had placed my baby for adoption, but I kind of in a way liked it that way. It helped open up my view of what kind of guys would date me (and surprisingly the guys who seem only out for "one thing" normally stayed away from me because I'd had a kid and aparently wasn't fun to be around anymore) and it helped me see what guys were willing to get to know me as a person."

Tosha - "Honesty is always the best policy. I told my husband after I KNEW that there was a connection that might be heading for marriage or something serious (it was on about date 2 or 3). I don't think its necessary to tell some random dude something so personal unless you thought there was something there. I would not wait until engagement, that's unfair.

My husband was very accepting, loving and caring when I told him...you can bet that if he wasn't I wouldn't have married him, and I am fortunate to still have that same love and support now. I know TOO many woman who have husbands who are jerks about their adoption and it makes their lives miserable. It's best to clear the air before things get too serious, its only fair, I mean after all you would want them to tell you something that important too, right?"

Leah - "Most guys I were interested in didn't really care, but when I told my (future) husband that I had a daughter he said, "I know (because of my facebook page), and if God can forgive you, so can I." Meaning, forgiving me of having sex outside of marriage and not being pure like he was. He met Kaylee 2 months into our dating relationship and has just fit into our adoption since :-)

And with that, I would say that if a birthmother meets a guy (or a regular friend too!) that doesn't respect your decision and can't handle it, obviously they are NOT the one for you."